ORO VERDE HOLDING AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (OVHDC), a subsidiary of the Marsman Drysdale Group, was the largest productive commercial mango farm in the Philippines. Its 240-hectare farm with 45,000 trees is located in an island near Iloilo called Guimaras, better known as the mango capital of the Philippines. Guimaras island has one of the best growing conditions for mango in the country because of its rich soil and conducive climate. Guimaras is the only place in the country that has been certified as mango seed weevil-free that its produce is approved for export to the U.S.

It was in the early 80's, that Marsman Drysdale Group acquired the mango orchard in Guimaras. While several centennial trees were already in it, the planting of Manila Super Mango started only in 1985. Ten years later, the new plantings grew big enough for crop production. Various technical problems through the transition stage from growth to crop production, however, were encountered such as long gestation period, poor fruit setting, and inadequate water supply resulting to lower- than-expected productivity. All these problems were constantly addressed that by 1998, the company begun to recoup its investments. Due to the compulsory CARP coverage in 2005 that subjected OVHDC to retention limits, the company steadfastly met the new challenge by acquiring more hectares for mango plantation and built modern packing houses for its produce.

At present, OVHDC remains confident in its efforts to develop and maintain the efficient use of its resources.